It was an enlightening experience when I started this project back in 2016. At the time Tesla cars had limited range, the supercharger network was very limited and routing was often an issue. There were few options to understand how your car was going to behave on a trip, where would be the best places to charge and how you would optimally travel. Plus Tesla customers were a savvy lot that enjoyed understanding how their cars operated and wanted to get the most out of their equipment.

Today most Tesla’s can achieve 250 or more miles of range on a charge, the supercharger network is filled out where you can go almost anywhere with multiple charging options. The cars charge much faster, Tesla now includes waypoints and trip planning as standard features.

So to this end I am sun-setting EVTO in July of 2024. What this means is that the application will continue to work as it does today until the end of July 2024. Between now and then, as annual or yearly subscriptions come up for renewal, they will not be renewed. Only Monthly subscriptions will be offered from this time forward and they will be suspended in June of 2024.