Trip Planning

Digital Auto Guides®, the EV Trip Optimizer for Tesla (EVTO) is the premier mobile trip-planning app for Tesla EV owners. Simple to learn, with deep customization features leveraging Google maps and real-time weather conditions. Freemium pricing lets anyone try the basic features before committing to purchase subscription features. Available on all popular mobile platforms.

Main Panel

All the features of the application are available directly from the main panel and its pop-up menu. The application enables the user to optimally plan trips with their electric vehicle. You can save trips to be used over and over, share trips with friends, and compare trips to determine which trips you prefered.

Planning Your Trip

The optimized trip planning is done via a route map. You can have the application automatically choose your route and charging stops. You can also add waypoints, change various parameters that affect your travel, or manually plan your trip as you chose. The application will automatically determine your energy consumption to ensure you have sufficient power to reach your destination.

Waypoint Details

You can select each stop to see what your energy will be upon arrival, how long you should charge for and what time that will take. The Infowindow popup will give you information on how long it will take to travel to this location, how far it is and what the weather will be at that location. You can also save waypoints as favorites for easy use later.



Customize the application for your particular car’s characteristics and history. These factors along with regional and travel preferences will be used to customize your travel planning automatically. You can also tailor charging, payload, extra time at stops, energy for destination travel and the state of your battery.


Be Informed

The application will not only determine your most optimal travel routes and charging times, but can show you along each leg how your energy will be consumed. Also included are charts for efficiency by distance and state of charge by distance and waypoint, including when and how much you will charge.

Compare Trips

The application allows you to compare your trips side by side. You can compare trips to the same location to see what makes one trip better than another. You can also compare different trips to see if weather, charging stops, efficiency or other factors makes one trip better than another. You can also rate your trips so you can easily find the trips you like best later.

Long or Short Trips

The application can easily be used for either short (day) or long (multi-day) trips. It will find the most optimal route for you and help you decide when and where you should best spend the night between trip segments. With this information you can easily plan extended trips without having to worry about how far you can get in a day.

Segment Your Trips

When you decide where to stop, the application can quickly segment that trip into a day’s planning event. You can then move from trip segment to trip segment at the touch of a button. You can also send your waypoints to your devices calendar for each day, from which the car will automatically navigate too.

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