After almost a year of research, interviews, writing, editing, layout and waiting for the books to arrive, my opus work on the history of the Sierra-at-Tahoe winter resort is ready. You can read all of the history from the gold rush of California and various local impacts to the area and then dive into how the resort got started as Sierra Ski Ranch with the Barrett family in 1946 as a weekends only roadside ski area. Then transition to the history of the Sprock family that elevated Sierra to a world class resort for 45 years of amazing achievement. The book then describes how Sierra became Sierra-at-Tahoe and increased the volume to 11, to one of North Americas most revered winter resorts for skiers and boarders alike. Even the Caldor Fire could not stop what everyone built and came to enjoy. And see the back of the book for all the technical and historic details of the lifts and trails. And we even include a section on lessor known secrets so you can be “in the know”.

Enjoy the 75 year history of Sierra at Tahoe and purchase a copy of the book at