Maintenance Manual

Digital Auto Guides®, the MGF Maintenance Manual is an electronic manual and reference for the MGF series sports car. The guide covers all MGF Models (Mark I, Mark II, EXF) from 1995 to 2002.

Main Panel

All the features of the application are available directly from the main panel and its pop-up menu. The application contains information on operating and maintaining/repairing your automobile as well as additional capabilities to track your cars history and service. A soft color image of your cars engine provides the background.

Easy Access

The most commonly used features are available at the bottom of the main panel and a menu of all of the App’s features is just one touch away. The menu is divided into sections of manual chapters, appendixes, service capabilities as well as information on how to get the most from the App.

Manual Chapters

Each chapter deals with a separate area of the automobile starting with an introduction tips on driving and minor repair . Comprehensive step-by-step instructions and illustrations are given as well as techniques for tracing trouble. Throughout the Manual hints and tips are included which will be found invaluable.


The App can be easily tailored and customized for your exact car and model. Within the Settings panel you can select your model, car number, features and characteristics. This will tailor the guide to your cars details. This is where you also set your localization preferences and link to Dropbox®.

Service Capabilities

In addition to the manual chapters and detailed technical information, the App contains a number of features to help manage and track your fuel consumption and efficiency, maintenance and projects. All of this information can be shared via e-Mail, stored in Dropbox™ and graphed.

Your Cars Details

The My Car feature allows you to account for your cars history from the time it was built and first sold through each owner and location it has resided at. You can also document any special features, accessories or modifications that have been done to the car over its lifetime.

Fully Linked Content

Each chapter and section is hyperlinked for rapid access throughout the App. The index is fully searchable and categorized alphabetically. When you select a subject it simply links to the chapter and section by touching the subject. Using the Back button you can quickly return to the index if required.

No Longer Available