Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our customers have asked relating to our products and services.
What made you decide to create these guides?
Like you, we are classic car restorers and owners. We were looking for a way to marry the historical nature of the cars manuals with the features of today’s electronic media and culture to enhance that experience. We felt there was a common value that all historic and classic car owners could achieve with these type of solutions.
How do you determine which guides you will produce?
We base our decision on which cars to produce guides for based on feedback from our current and perspective customers. If there is a lot of interest in a certain marque or model we will strive to bring that app to the market first. We will also consider how easily it is to bring an additional app to market based on a similar model. For example the MGTD and MGTF models were similar and a lot of the content could be reused between the two apps. We also have to consider copyrights when appropriate and materials used within the app. In many cases we have to create these from scratch and there is a considerable lead time involved.
When will my car's guide be available?
We try to announce our plans for each car on the main page of the application in the Marques section. If a guide is available there will be a web page describing the app and some sample panels. There will also be links on the page for the app in the various stores. If an app is coming within the next twelve months we should have a target season and in some cases a web page describing the app. If an app is not coming soon but in planning, it will state that on the Marques section.
I would like a guide for a car you don't have listed.
If we don’t list a particular car it is because we have not seen much interest in it from our perspective customers or we don’t feel there is a sufficient volume of information available to make a guide. If you would like to suggest a guide to us please fill out the interest form here.
Can I suggest a feature for your guides?
Absolutely. Many of our features were the result of suggestions from our customers and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the value of our apps. If you have a suggestion for a feature, or any improvement to our apps, please fill out the form here.
My guide does not seem to work. Where do I get support?
I have more than one device. Do I have to reenter the data?


No. If you use the Dropbox® linkage feature found in the Settings panel, you will only need to enter your information once. All data and settings you enter will automatically be sent to the other devices once they are connected to the Internet.

Will I loose my data if my device is lost or broken?
Not if you use the Dropbox® feature before you loose your device. Even if you only have one device we suggest you link your data to Dropbox® to preserve all the data you entered in case of a lost or damaged device.
I have multiple cars. Does one app cover them all?
No. Each car model is a separate app and will need to be purchased individually. Digital Auto Guides® is a family of apps, not one single app, although to be consistent, they share similar features.
If I use the app on multiple devices do I need to purchase multiple apps?
It depends. Certainly if you use different device types you will have to purchase an app from each store. If you use the same family of devices (for example an iPhone and iPad) you may be able to use the same app. It depends on how you have setup your devices in the appropriate store. Be sure to use the Dropbox® feature found in the Settings panel so you only enter your data once. All information and settings will be sent to each device you share the same Dropbox account with for the particular Digital Auto Guides® app you are using, regardless of the number of devices you use it on or their platform.
How do I use the app for different cars of the same model?
Unfortunately there is no way to use the app for multiple cars of the same model. We are looking at adding this feature in the future but it is not high on our priority list.  Our first goal is to get as many guides into the market as our customers require and then we will pursue supporting multiple cars per guide.
I want to create a maintenance item you don't have listed.
This is easily accomplished and you have two choices. If it is a maintenance item (i.e. something you would do periodically) you can use the Occasional Maintenance item in the Maintenance ToDo panel. You can enter the type of maintenance you are performing in the Notes. If its a special one time maintenance that you would not repeat you can enter this in the Projects panel.
Can I choose maintenance items based on a date instead of distance?
Yes you can. Pick any item from the list of maintenance items. It will be added to the ToDo list. Now change the Date to reflect the date you wish to complete it instead of the date completed. It will stay in the queue until you select the Completed icon.
Can I use the service log data in a spreadsheet?
Yes. Just use the e-mail feature to send yourself the service log you are interested in using in a spreadsheet. The e-mail is set up as a coma separated variable (CSV) and can be pasted directly into the cells of a spreadsheet program. From this point use your spreadsheet capabilities to further analyze your service history.
Where do you get the pictures for your apps?
The content for the apps comes from a variety of sources. Much of it comes from period publications long out of print, period photographs, advertisements and brochures. Most of the pictures are photographs of cars we have taken at car shows or in some cases pictures that our customers have provided to us to use. If you would like to contribute pictures for the apps please contact us here.
What made you pick the features for my cars guide app?
First we try to keep as many features consistent across all the apps as we can. This is for ease of use on our customers part and it makes it easier to create and maintain all of the versions of the app we plan to produce. Secondly we look for features that are common to all marques and models. Generally many of the features found in our apps are items that every collector/restorer would find useful. Finally there are unique features for certain makes, models or car types. For example only convertible cars would have a section on erecting the top or hood.
Will the guides be offered in other languages besides English?
Not likely. Most of the cars we make guides for were originally produced or purchased in English speaking countries. The owners and operation manuals we base our guides on are all written in English. It would be prohibitive to translate the materials to other languages for the small customer set we have.
There are features on my car that are not covered in the guide. Why?
We strive to only include features that were common on the models supported and a few optional factory accessories. We don’t generally include dealer or aftermarket add on’s in the guide. If you feel we have missed a common feature please let us know here.