Resource Planning: Alternative Superchargers

Choosing an alternative supercharger from one selected as an auto charger.

The Big Picture

In this tutorial we are going to describe how to use EVTO to choose a different supercharger than the one selected during auto charging selection.

For illustrative purposes this tutorial will cover:

  1. Review a simple trip with auto superchargers
  2. Show how to display alternative superchargers from the one selected
  3. Display range data from the alternative superchargers
  4. Choosing an alternative supercharger

Some of the terminology used in this tutorial and the EV world may be new to you. We have created a special webpage to help you understand these terms and concepts.

Note: This tutorial requires EVTO 5.1 or greater to be installed on your device.

A simple trip through a major metropolitan area.

Step 1: The Basic Route

We start this tutorial with a simple route through a major metropolitan area that affords many alternative supercharging destinations. During auto supercharger selection, EVTO uses the most ideal routing and supercharger selection based on available data, your cars settings, weather conditions and other factors that you have told EVTO about. However you may have individual preferences for a charging stop and might want to override what EVTO has chosen for you. For this, EVTO can show you various other superchargers that can provide similar times and routes and let you use one of those in place of the supercharger EVTO has selected.

The Auto Charger to be Replaced

Step 2: Select the Auto Charger

For this trip EVTO will be routing through the Los Angeles area with literally dozens of potential superchargers available to choose from. EVTO has chosen the Fountain Valley supercharger for us but we want to look for alternatives. We have some recommendations for great dining near some of the superchargers and want to see which ones will fit our trip.

To find alternative superchargers for an auto supercharger selected in EVTO:

  1. Select a auto supercharger pushpin. In this case the Fountain Valley supercharger. The auto supercharger Waypoint Inspector will appear.
  2. Touch the recycle icon. The Waypoint Inspector will close.

You will notice a number of magenta supercharger icons appear in the general area of the auto supercharger selected. These represent alternative superchargers that EVTO feels can substitute for the auto supercharger it selected for you.

Note: If no superchargers were appropriate, EVTO would indicate so with a warning message.

Alternative Chargers Chosen by EVTO

Step 3: Review Alternative Superchargers

As you can see EVTO found quite a few superchargers that could substitute for the originally chosen auto supercharger. Each of these are within 45 miles (75 km), have sufficient range to reach the next waypoint and could provide a similar charging experience.

In a case like the Los Angeles area, there are many alternative superchargers that can fit the bill. In other locations there may only be one or two alternative superchargers or perhaps none at all. Larger metropolitan areas offer the most alternatives.

We will show you a few techniques you can use to refine your selection in the next step.

The Waypoint Inspector for an Alternative Charger

Step 4: Inspect Alternative Superchargers

You have access to all the information EVTO has for each supercharger. By selecting an alternative superchargers magenta icon, each superchargers Waypoint Inspector will display. You can see:

  • The address of the supercharger
  • How many stalls are at that location and what the maximum rate of the superchargers are
  • An iconic representation of the features located at or close to the supercharger
  • A virtual tour of the supercharger through the eye icon
  • A rangefinder to show how far away in distance and time the selected supercharger is from both the origin and destination

Note: If you wish to cancel the alternative supercharger selection, just press anywhere on the map or use any tab, button, menu or panel. This will remove the alternative superchargers from the map and reset the trip to the prior state without making any changes.

Alternative Charger Rangefinder

Step 5: The Rangefinder

While EVTO has selected a number of superchargers that it feels are reasonable alternatives to the original supercharger it selected, you have the option of reviewing additional information for each alternative supercharger. One of those features is the EVTO waypoint Rangefinder.

Simply the Rangefinder will show you both the distance and time from the origin to this supercharger as well as the distance and time to destination. You can compare each charger as you feel necessary.

Note: The times and distances are approximate and can vary dramatically with traffic, weather and other unforeseen circumstances, so they are a rough approximations of what you may encounter.

New Charger Waypoint Inspector

Step 6: Choose the New Alternative Supercharger

At this point we have selected the Redondo Beach supercharger as our alternative.  To complete this selection is a simple step.

Select the pushpin icon on the alternative supercharger Waypoint Inspector. The Waypoint Inspector will disappear and so will all the alternative supercharger icons. The original auto supercharger will be removed and EVTO will re-calculate this segment of your trip and route through the alternative supercharger you have selected.


We have shown you how to select an alternative supercharging location for a previously auto selected supercharger. We have also demonstrated how you can review various attributes of the alternative superchargers and once a selection has been made, automatically change the routing and all trip estimations appropriate to the new supercharger and route.

Be sure to review all of the EVTO website content when you get a chance to increase the effectiveness of your use with EVTO in trip planning.

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