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EVTO to Sunset July 2024

The application will continue to work as it does today until the end of July 2024. Between now and then, as annual or yearly subscriptions come up for renewal, they will not be renewed. Only Monthly subscriptions will be offered from this time forward and they will be suspended in June of 2024.

I want to thank all my loyal subscribers all these years for your support and feedback. It was an interesting exercise that started in the early days of Tesla’s supercharger rollout.

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Trip Planning Features

Digital Auto Guides® provides mobile applications to enable electric vehicle owners the ability to quickly plan long range trips for their car that span multiple charging stops. The tools can help users determine exactly where to drive to charge, how long to charge and plan for overnight stops. Using these tools EV owners can safely reach their destinations in the most efficient manner possible with very little planning effort.

Optimized Routing

The application will utilize all aspects that affect the range of an electric vehicle and optimize the route according to minimal total travel time, least energy, shortest distance or least stops. You can tailor the application for your car’s specific characteristics, driving style, comfort preferences and payload.

Tailoring Stops

You may add your own waypoints (both charging and non-charging) to influencing the route or to allow for additional places to stop. You can tailor the minimum stopover time, change the required state of charge and describe any charging capabilities that the system might chose to use during optimization.

Weather Considerations

The application will obtain the forecasts for your entire route and factor in the effects of temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation and the amount of rainfall and/or snow on the road surface when determining your energy needs. With this information you can decide if you would rather take an alternative route or plan additional energy reserves.


Maintain Trips

Use the application to build a portfolio of trips that you can use over and over again. Share and import trips with others. Archive trips for historical purposes. Copy trips easily and quickly, including reversing routes. Optionally send your waypoints to your mobile calendar which can be used directly by your cars navigation system for routing.

Compare Trips

Use the application to compare the trips that you take over time. You can compare the same trip to see what made one version better than another. Or you can determine what features were important to you on a given trip. The application includes both charts and tables automatically produced for you.

Trip Details

The application can produce details reports for each leg of your trip including energy consumption, driving and charging times, weather, estimated time of arrivals and a detailed map view. You can export the details to be used in spreadsheets and other programs or email you itinerary to friends and family.

Segment Trips

A powerful feature of the application is the ability to segment long, multi-day trips into individual segments. This allows you to easily plan for overnight stops and concentrate on each days goals and activities rather than redoing parts of the trip that you have already completed or may change later.

Analyze Energy

Use the Consumption and State of Charge (SOC) charts to quickly observe how efficiently your car will perform on each leg of the trip as well as what your energy level will be at each point of your journey. See quickly when you may need to conserve energy or how much leeway you will have on each leg.

Supported Platforms

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini

The solution is universal and will adapt automatically to the different device types and formats. The device must be on iOS 6 or above.*


The solution is universal and will adapt automatically to the different device types and formats.  Android based smart phones and tablets running Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) or better.*

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