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Getting help for your Digital Auto Guides App

The following resources are available to you to help you utilize your Digital Auto Guides applications.

Support for Restoration Guides

First have you read the User’s Guide found here?

Support for Trip Planning Apps

Have you read the Trip Optimizer Tutorial

Also you might find the answer you are looking for in the EVTO for Tesla Frequently Asked Questions

Online Forums

You also might find what you are looking for in our user’s forums here.

Support Tips

Check to see if your issue has been solved in the following support tips.

The guide does not seem to match my car model?
First did you purchase the correct guide? There are many guides available from Digital Auto Guides and each one is unique to a model of car. Check to make sure that the guide you purchased is for the model of car you own.

If you are certain the model description and year of the Digital Auto Guides app matches the car you own, then perhaps you have not correctly filled out the Settings panel. Use the User’s Guide to help configure your settings.

Part of the screen on my tablet is hidden.
Check to make sure that the list of panels is closed to the left of the tablet screen. You do that by selecting the Open/Close button at the top of the panel. While the navigation menu is open it will push the information on the screen to the right, rendering it unviewable until you close the navigation panel. See the User’s Guide User Interface section for more information on this.

Requesting Support

If you have gone through the above tips on common support issues and searched our user’s forums and your problem has not been resolved, send a Support Request e-mail using the form below. Please indicate which app you are asking support for.

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