Without a subscription you will be limited to one trip at a time with a distance of no more than 500 mi/800 km and up to three additional waypoints. With a subscription you will be able to define and plan multiple trips at a time. See the Monthly and Annual Subscription items on the main menu of the app.

The following features are available with the free and subscription capabilities of the application.

Feature Free Subscription
Optimized routing based on time
Automatic supercharger allocation and charging times
Add up to 3 stopover and charging waypoints of your own
Single trip limited to 500 mi / 800 km
Reorder waypoints
Supports Tesla Model S, X, 3 and Roadster
Support for both phones and tablets
Utilize waypoint favorites for quick planning
Charger Dislikes list for Superchargers to avoid when possible
Filter charger types on map
Add PlugShare charger as waypoint via Share
Manage single segment trip (store, delete)
Rate trips
Imperial and metric units
Help on each panel and feature
Graph energy (SOC) for the trip by distance
Chart average energy consumption details by leg
User adjustable speed and power factor
Adjust the reserve (minimum destination arrival) SOC
User tailorable payload (weight of passengers and cargo)
Review the entire trip through a detailed planning briefing
Create custom charging waypoints
Share trips with other EVTO 4 Tesla users
Additional optimization by minimum distance, energy or stops
Add up to 21 stopover and charging waypoints
Minimum waypoint stop times
Adjust minimum SOC by waypoint
Reserve energy at destination for local travel
Multiple car support (up to 5)
Keep Climate On
Estimate battery heating
Automatically integrate the trips into your calendar and navigation
Compare trips with charts and tables
Removal of trip distance restriction
Create master trips spanning multiple days/routes (trip segments)
Create round trips
Create out and back trips
Add, delete and merge trip segments
Export trip details for use in other programs (CSV)
e-Mail trip itinerary
View waypoints stops in Street View™ from pushpin
Add waypoint from Google POI
Manage trips (store, delete, archive, append to, restore, copy and reverse route)

EVTO Version 1 Pro Users: Because version 2 has gone to a subscription model you have been credited with full access to all application features until June, 2018. This is a $6.99 USD value.

At that time you may either continue with the free features or purchase a monthly or annual subscription to access all of the applications capabilities.