Version 5.0 of EVTO Now in Stores

EVTO has adopted some new and exciting changes in this release: Each car has been updated with new base energy calculations for more accuracy. You may need to review your Speed Adjust and Power Factor settings as appropriate Look for these in both My Cars and Edit...

EVTO Version 4.0 Now Available

Version 4.0 is now available in the stores. The new features include: Updated color scheme Improved dialogs Updated car features Refined energy calculations New charger selection algorithm New charger types Bug fixes Improved...

EVTO Mentioned in Podcast

Supercharged Podcast Jump to EVTO discussion Podcast talking about Tesla, EVs, sustainability, SpaceX, & futurism. Use our Tesla referral codes: ryan9212 or david96765 (ask Siri or Alexa to flip a coin). Portions of “Dippin’ In My...

EVTO Has New Update and New Tutorials

EVTO has recently been updated to version 3.3.  We have also added new tutorials so you can get the most out of your app experience. Please visit the EV Trip Optimizer page for all the EVTO content.

Updated EV Trip Optimizer For Tesla App

Version 2.0 of the EVTO for Tesla app has been released with over 500 updates and bug fixes. The new app has an improved look and feel and is easier to use and navigate. Also included are support for the Tesla Model 3 and Roadster cars. EVTO for Tesla App